About Wild Atlantic Wayfarers

What is a Wayfarer?

“a person who goes on a journey. A person who travels especially from place to place on foot” Collins English Dictionary

We have chosen this title for our website, not because we expect you to walk the whole 2500km stretch of the Wild Atlantic Way (although you are welcome to do so if you have the time) but because it implies taking your time, exploring and making the most of this fantastic journey.

Long exposure of waves at the rugged coastline of An Port

Experience What The WAW Has To Offer

As a Wild Atlantic Wayfarer, you are the type of person who would like to really get to grips with the Wild Atlantic Way, experiencing all that this remarkable route has to offer. Maybe you are interested in the culture and heritage of the west of Ireland or maybe you are an outdoor adventure type, looking to climb mountains and surf the wild Atlantic foam.

We Are Here To Help

We are here to help with your plans, taking you county for county through the route, pointing out places of interest, some well-known and some hidden gems, adventure activities, and places to stay. We have carefully selected comfortable B&B accommodation in each county, where we know that your hosts will be welcoming and well able to advise you on local “off the beaten track” experiences and places to visit.
Mullaghmore in the Burren National Park with a bright rainbow above it.
Whatever your interest, we are sure that you will find useful information as you browse the pages of this site and plan your own adventure along the Wild Atlantic Way.